Hey! I am Kaela. A thirty-something-year-old, mom, wife and dog owner. Grew up on Big Cedar Lake, so naturally lake life is the life for me. I enjoy outdoor activities, am a huge fan of motorsports, I LOVE to cook and am intrigued by all things holistic especially my Essential Oils. Most of all, I love time spent with my friends and family. Entertaining is my favorite!

I am as down to earth as they come, so dont be nervous. I want to meet your family and portray each and everyones true personality. 


What was once a hobby rapidly grew into a business. 2009 was the year. The people i have met, the friendships I have made, the babies born, children grown, marriages, proposals, graduates and all of the other milestones I have witnessed and had the honor of capturing along the way.. Quite amazing, really.

A portrait and documentary style photographer + videographer, specializing in capturing the wonders and joys that life brings your way and also the growth of your professional world. Being a part of my clients lives during their most celebrated momements, is what I find immensely fulfilling. From the delivery room to branding sessions, I embrace the opportunity to work with you!